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10 Day Islamic Conference
Day of The Event
Date of The Event
25 Jun - 04 Jul 2016
Imperial Lawns
Farzad Colony, Opp Police Mess, Kat Kat Gate (Islam Darwaza), Aurangabad - 431001, Maharashtra, India.
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Khwaja Aleemuddin
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Daily Night 10:30pm to 01:30am

Islamic Research Centre - Appeal For Donation.
IRC - Activities
This wing consists of young, brilliant and energetic students from various faiths and streams viz. Arts, Science, Commerce, Mass Media, Information Technology, Management, Education etc. They visit IRC regularly for attending lectures, reading & learning, so that they can understand religion in a better way and come closer to the Truth.
This wing consists of professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, Teachers and Businessmen etc. These people attend various lectures and programs conducted by IRC. This helps them to know more about Islam and Comparative Religion, to get their doubts clear, to have better and proper understanding of Islam and to know how to convey its Message to others.
Through ladies wing IRC reaches hundreds of women every week by conducting weekly lectures exclusively for them. The lectures are given by lady as well as gent speakers both certified by IRC. Al-Hamdullilah this wing has created a great deal of awareness and enthusiasm about Islam among Muslim as well as Non-Muslim sisters.
This wing is a boon to the society. It helps our new generation to excel in both religious and worldly education. It creates an enthusiasm amongst the children to know more about Islam and enable them to grow in an Islamic environment along with modern education system. IRC organizes Islamic Summer Camps (ISC) for boys & girls under this wing every year.
IRC runs Sunday Islamic School (SIS) where four levels are conducted for the age group 7-13 years. This school runs only on Sundays for boys and girls with separate seating arrangement. On completion of these four classes Inshaa-Allah students will be able to practice Islam in their life and convey the message of Islam to other fellow citizens perfectly. Also, IRC is considering to start a full time modern school Inshaa-Allah imparting modern education as well as religious education under one roof, so that our children become perfect model in this world and successful in hereinafter. They can be good earners and excellent preachers.
IRC conducts weekly lectures for Muslims and Non-Muslims delivered by various speakers from IRC on Islam and Comparative Religion followed by an open Question & Answer Session for both Ladies & Gents at different places in and around Aurangabad City so as to spread better understanding about Islam and its message. At present Al-Hamdullilah IRC conducts more than 15 lectures weekly. For details please visit our website and get the schedule.
IRC conducts lectures and programs of various Ulemas, Scholars and Eminent Personalities, Muslims as well as Non-Muslims, so that the masses get benefited from them. These guest lectures are delivered by lady as well as gent speakers.
IRC conducts regular classes of various durations ranging from three days to forty days for Ladies and Gents on subjects like Basics of Uloomul Quran, Uloomul Hadith & Aqeedah, How to Develop Speaking Skills, Personality Development, Introduction to Hinduism & Christianity etc. Many batches run simultaneously imparting better understanding of Islam and Comparative Religion among the society. After completion of these courses certificates are issued to the participants. The main goal of these courses is to develop the communication skills in the participants so that they can effectively convey the massage of Islam to the masses. It is a top most priority of IRC to work hard on personality development and building the confidence in participants and to remove hesitation so that they can deliver speeches, lectures & presentation confidently and without any hesitation. Al-hamdullilah, in three years time several lady and gent speakers have developed & perfected their skills and started their mission of teaching and conveying the message of peace to Muslims as well as Non-Muslims successfully.
IRC conducts Dawah Training Program (DTP) for people who are interested in giving the message of Islam (Dawatul Islam) to our fellow Non-Muslim Brothers and Sisters. This program is conducted for common masses and for Ulemas (Scholars of Islam) as well, to effectively convey the message of Islam to humanity. These programs are conducted nationally for Ladies and Gents.
IRC has its own library containing thousands of books on Topics like Religion, History, General Knowledge, Science etc. Books on religion include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Zoroasterism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Taoism, Confucianism & others in languages like Arabic, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Pali, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Telgu, Kannadi, and Malayalam etc. People from various walks of life, gents and ladies visit the library daily and avail the facility.
IRC has its own Audio Video library where people can watch, can take on rent or purchase DVD’s of audio/video lectures of Ulema (Scholars) and various documentaries on topics of Science and History. IRC gives permission to copy them or to sell or distribute them
IRC has its own media cell where lectures of various speakers of IRC and other guest speakers are recorded, edited and uploaded on internet and published in various news papers.
IRC conducts career guidance seminars and classes for the youths and students regularly to guide them to choose right kind of faculties and professional courses and streams for their education. This has created a great deal of awareness and energy about education amongst students and they are going for higher education, specially women. The notices of various exams, scholarships & advertisements of vacancies local & international are displayed on career guidance notice board.
IRC distributes free literature, mainly the Holy Quran in various languages like Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarat, Telgu etc and books giving explanation about Islam and clearing misconceptions about Islam, for those who need them specially among Non-Muslim brothers and sisters and also to needy Muslims who cannot afford to purchase.
IRC conducts programs for Non-Muslim Brothers & Sisters, so as to remove misconceptions about Islam and to inculcate peaceful teachings of Islam, so that peace should prevail in the society. Non-Muslim Brothers & Sisters from all the religions and faiths attend these programs and are benefited from it. The purpose of interaction with Non-Muslims is to co-exist peacefully and create communication between different faiths.
IRC, since 2001, every year is conducting a “10 Day Islamic Conference” in last ten days (Ashara) of the month of Ramadhaan for Gents as well as Ladies. Thousands of people get benefited from it. It is the largest gathering of Muslims in the month of Ramadhaan in Aurangabad. Speakers from IRC deliver speeches on various topics related to Aqeedah, Dawah, Sunnah, Ramadhaan, Arkanul Islam, Etiquettes, and Moral Values etc. The Conference starts daily at night after Taraweeh and continues till 1 AM. IRC also manages Book stalls containing authentic books for sale, during the conference.
IRC sponsors a Book Sale Counter by name Islamic Book Centre (IBC) which contains authentic Islamic literature for sale including commentary of Quran (Tafseer), Translation of Quran (Tarjuma), Hadith, Sirah (Biography), Fiqh, Dawah, Etiquettes, History, Scientific, Children’s Books (Stories, Colouring), Islamic Games, Quiz, Arabic & Urdu Learning Books in Urdu, English, Hindi & Marathi of Local & International Publishers & DVD's of Scholars. Books on Dawah is our speciality, Al-Hamdullilah Islamic Book Centre (IBC) is Dealer for Darussalam Publishers & Distributors Riyadh for Marathwada region. IBC also organizes a book fair annually during the month of January.
IRC sponsors a specialized section for DVD’s by name Islamic Media Centre (IMC) where various speeches and programs on different topics by eminent scholars and speakers of IRC are produced in the form of Audio / Video DVD’s and uploaded on internet. You can watch these videos on the link www.youtube.com/ircindia these DVD’s are sold on retail and wholesale basis. These programs are mostly organized by IRC
Islamic Research Centre (IRC) also runs a WhatsApp Message service which is FREE throughout Globe, through which we send Authentic Islamic Messages according to Kitab & Sunnah, videos of Adv. Faiz Syed and IRC updates We also send SMS about various programs of IRC. You can Join this service by typing from your mobile JOIN and Whatsapp it to +91-9822277752, +91-9595558191 and save both numbers in your contact list.
IRC is playing a leading role in helping poor, widows, orphans and needy through BaitulMaal where Alms, Charity, Zakat etc are accepted and with the help of this fund we help Poor and Needy people providing them to start a very small business for their survival and payment of debts which they cannot repay, payment of education fee for poor and needy qualified students who cannot continue their higher education due to their poverty, payment of medical assistance to those who are really ill and cannot afford the treatment due to their poverty. IRC requests you to help in strengthening this BaitulMaal system of fund, so that your money is utilized in a proper way.
IRC provide medical help to the needy and poor by way of providing them required medicine and equipment. IRC has reserved special funds for this purpose from Zakat and Sadaqat funds. Medical loans are also provided for those who has capability to repay.
IRC also send its speakers and volunteers on request to different cities for speeches, lectures and Training on Dawah and Islah for Muslims and Non Muslims Brothers.
IRC also sponsers a book fair annually in the month of January. It is an excellent opportunity for the people of Aurangabad and nearby places, to witness a huge collection of authentic books on various topics from various publishers across the globe.
IRC, conduct every year Islamic Summer Camp (ISC) for boys and girls so as to inculcate in our new generation authentic Aqeedah, Amaal, love of Sunnah & etiquette with other beneficial activities. This camp is conducted every year in summer vacation.
IRC is a approved centre for world renouned Islamic online university by the name Islamic Online University i.e IOU run by Dr. Bilal Philip & his team, students from Marathwada region in general and Aurangabad in special take advantage of this facility and appear for different examination for diploma and degree courses. For details you can visit www.islamiconlineuniversity.com
IRC organizes exhibition on different themes like Quran & Modern Science, Islmaic Books, Social & Moral Evils etc for a better understanding of Islam and its universal teachings for masses this exhibitions are conducted individually or through sponsorship for details you can contact IRC office
There are well versed Ulemas (Islamic Scholars) who are available from 1000 hrs to 1930 hrs IST on IRC telephone. They take the calls and answers the queries and questions raised from all over the world. You can contact them on the following numbers +91240-2336984, +91240-2330655, +91240-2359040
Visit IRC & Utilize IRC’s Program, Library, Courses, Facilities and Other Services. Assist IRC in organizing all the above activities by offering your time, skill & services. Contribute to the Noble cause in Cash, Kind, Zakat & Non-Zakat Fund. Yours suggestion are most welcome.
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